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Marijuana: A Jewish Drug

In 1996, a Californian debate over legalizing marijuana garnered national attention. While the debate wasn’t necessarily new, the media attention given the debate was certainly unprecedented. As a result, Californians passed Proposition 215 by a vote of 56% in support of the Proposition. Also called the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, this act essentially legalized […]

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3,4-CTMP is a particularly interesting chemical for people with a keen interest in research chemistry, and it is also known as 3,4-dichloro-transmethylphenidate or methyl (2R)-2-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-2-[(2R)-piperidin-2-yl)acetate. At Research Chemistry UK, we have spent many years experimenting to find the most effective concentration of this product, and we have concluded that 10mg pellets provide the perfect amount of 3,4-CTMP to […]

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While our 3-fpm capsules contain a preset amount of 3′-fluorophenmetrazine, our powdered equivalent is perfect for researchers and chemists that are looking for complete flexibility during experiments. 3-FPM is a product with stimulant-like properties, and it is therefore sensible to start 3-FPM experiments with smaller amounts – this is easy to organise with the powdered version

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3-FPM is the full name for 3′-fluorophenmetrazine, and we are pleased to include this chemical research product in our range at We sell 3-FPM in both pellets and a powder, and our own laboratory investigations have shown that it can lead to euphoric reactions during research. In order to ensure that your laboratory environment is […]

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